You have ONE MONTH to enjoy the facility and ride before you must apply for membership and pay dues. Upon receiving your completed prospective membership form and signed waiver, one of our membership chairs will email you a temporary gate code, club info and our rules & policies.

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Date of first visit to RBR *
Date of first visit to RBR
After one month from the above date, should I wish to continue riding at the Rose Bowl Riders facility, I agree to apply & pay for membership and attend a new member orientation. *
• $120.00 per Individual per year (1 adult, 18 or over) • $180.00 per Family per year (1 or 2 adults in the same household & their minor children) Please check website calendar for monthly new member orientation meeting dates.
Rose Bowl Riders is an entirely volunteer run organization and each membership must record at least 12 hours of approved volunteer service to the club, or pay to opt out. The volunteer period begins & ends at the November annual meetings. Unworked hours will be billed at $12.50/hour. lt is each member’s (adults & children alike) responsibility to promptly clean up after themselves and their horse or the horse they are riding. ALL manure must be picked up and placed in a muck bucket or bin, rubber mats swept and ALL debris raked up and thrown away. Strive to leave the facility better than you found it! *
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Please list any minor children in household
Please list any minor children in household

Upon clicking "SUBMIT" you will be automatically redirected to our online smartwaiver. Please complete the waiver for ALL adults and minor children who will be riding OR coming to the facility.