Rose Bowl Riders offers a full service boarding facility to our members with rates starting at $500/month. Our dedicated volunteer Board of Directors and membership work hard to implement best management practices for horse keeping such as manure composting, natural fly abatement as well as exercise, care, and vaccination requirements. Equine residents enjoy stretching their legs during turnouts in our spacious main arena and cool, shady walks under the native oaks throughout the twelve acres.

Please contact us if you are interested in boarding your horse!

Boarding Amenities Include:

  • Half & full cover 24×24, 20×24 pipe stalls

  • Full cover 12×24 (pipe), 10×18 (box) stalls (Pasadena priority)

  • Horses fed twice daily (lunch option available)

  • Stalls cleaned twice daily

  • Premium Alfalfa, Timothy & Orchard Grass Hays

  • Additional services such as blanketing, turnout, etc.

  • Community tack rooms

  • Grain/supplement storage

  • Trailer parking (priority given to boarders)

  • Twice weekly feed/supply delivery

  • Farrier/vet on call


Horses boarded must be exercised at least three times weekly, current on de-worming (FEC test 1x/year, de-worm 2x/year recommended) and mandatory vaccinations (Flu/Rhino every 6 months and West Nile, Rabies, Eastern/Western Encephalitis and Tetanus annually). Vaccination clinics are held on-site in the spring and fall along with follow-up clinics for teeth floating, etc.

Boarding Wait List: To be placed on the list, members are asked to complete a short form and submit a deposit of $140.00. The list is first come, first served, with Pasadena priority for our smaller, upper level stalls. Your deposit will be refunded to you in the event you no longer wish to be on the list or if your membership lapses.

We’d love for you to join us!

For more info or if you are a member that would like to be added to the wait list, please contact us.