horsemanship 101


Horsemanship 101 is hands-on learning about the nature and habits of horses. Participants learn how to brush, bridle, saddle, and lead a horse. From the first day they learn the basics of beginning riding: mounting and dismounting, walk, trot, canter and simple commands.

Small groups of children age 8-14 from Five Acres group home in Pasadena come several times a month for two hour sessions. Many struggle with understanding personal boundaries. Horsemanship 101 teaches them to manage their own behavior and communicate more effectively.

Five Acres + Horsemanship 101 = FUN

Eclipse’s 14 year old rider trots around the arena bareback, wearing a helmet and a smile:

“When I first came I was nervous, scared, and didn’t want to be around horses. Then I got used to being around creatures taller than me. I got used to the fact that they’re not going to hurt me. I got more comfortable riding and started enjoying it. And now I really want to RIDE!”

Five Acres Rehabilitation Specialist Ryann Esqueda accompanies the youth to RBR (Rose Bowl Riders) and praises the program:

“Everyone relaxes when we get to RBR. Riding is an opportunity that these youth would never have and their behavior has changed for the positive. School grades are up and it gives them hope, raises self-esteem and gives them something to look forward to. Riding at RBR is the highlight of their week.”

Horsemanship 101 is taught by riding instructors at Rose Bowl Riders.